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Firefighter Snack Packs

This week Buddy Holbert and Mary Beth Puyear of Hooker Fights Hunger presented local firefighters with the pantry’s new program that will provide snack packs for those responding to fires in the area. The packs are ready to go at a moment’s notice and include easy to grab energy snacks including trail mix, chips, crackers, cookies, beef sticks, granola bars and chips, plus eye drops and chap stick.

When large fires occur the snack packs will be distributed to all responders, including firemen, county employees, farmers, sheriff deputies, and police officers. The organization’s volunteers will coordinate with the Hooker Fire Department and will deliver the snack packs along with bottled water wherever needed. Hooker Fights Hunger is proud to provide food support to people in our community and to those who keep our community safe.

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